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New California Pretrial Diversion Law Offers Opportunity to Avoid a Criminal Record California Law has recently codified pretrial diversion for low end drug possession offenses. (Penal Code Section 1000.) Until recently, persons arrested for having as little as .01 grams of a controlled substance had two options, a trial or entering a plea. The later […]

California Now Allows Sealing of Arrest Records  Starting in January of 2018, California law is allowing those who have been arrested on criminal charges (but never convicted) to seal their arrest records. Until now, this process was not allowed. Individuals wrongly arrested had to live with the stigma of an arrest without remedy. Under Penal […]

California Enacts Broader Revenge Porn Legislation In recent years, California has enacted “Revenge Porn” laws. In short, these laws made it illegal for any person to intentionally distribute an image of an intimate body part or sexual organ under circumstances in which the persons agree or understand that the image shall remain private. (Cal. Penal […]

The Law Offices of Ross Green Launches A New Website The Law Offices of Ross Green is proud to announce a new website making it easier for those in need of legal counsel to reach an attorney. The new webpage is available on all internet platforms including mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, the new site […]

California Creates a New Restraining Order Aimed at Gun Violence Under a new California law, a police officer or immediate family member, may seek a one year restraining order if there is cause that the restrained person ‘poses a significant danger’ of harm to self, or another in the near future, by having custody or […]

60 Pounds of Marijuana Suppressed – Case Dismissed The Law Offices of Ross Green is pleased to announce the dismissal of a recent case following the suppression of sixty pounds of marijuana. The client was charged with possession of marijuana for sale (Health and Safety Code Section 11359). The marijuana was suppressed after a court […]

Prosecutors Now Required to Consider Adverse Immigration Consequences in Plea Negotiations Under a significant change in California law, Penal Code Section 1016.3(b) mandates, “[t]he prosecution … consider the avoidance of adverse immigration consequences in the plea negotiation process as one factor in an effort to reach a just resolution.” Prior to the enactment of this […]

Watch the New Promotional Video for The Law Offices of Ross Green The Law Offices of Ross Green is pleased to release the Firm’s new promotional video. The video is designed to introduce new and prospective clients to the Firm’s experience, philosophy and strengths. The video should be viewed in conjunction with the Firm’s extensive […]

San Mateo and Bay Area Criminal Defense Attorney Announces 2015 Year End Criminal Defense Recap – Trial Victories, DUI Cases Won, Evidence Suppressed, Charges Dismissed and Cases Expunged The Law Offices of Ross Green – 2015 Year End Recap of criminal defense charges including DUI, DWI, Domestic Violence, Petty Theft and Shoplifting, Drug Possession, Redlight […]

Avoid Deportation – Vacate Prior Convictions (Recent Success!) For non-citizens certain convictions, such as domestic violence, effectively take all discretion away from an immigration judge and force the judge to order deportation.  This is true regardless of the person’s ties to the United States. The fact that he or she has otherwise lived a productive […]

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