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Potential Defenses Redwood City Criminal Defense Attorney

Potential Defenses may be available to your case. Contact The Law Offices of Ross Green to learn more about the defenses available to your case.

Illegal Search or Seizure

All searches or seizures by the police must be pursuant to a valid warrant or a legal exception.

Failure to Give Miranda Warnings

The police are required to read a suspect his or her Miranda Rights prior to any custodial interrogation.


A person is allowed to use reasonable force to prevent imminent danger to oneself, others or property.


The prosecution must prove that the accused was present and committed the crime with which he/she is charged.

Mistake of Fact

A person who was acting under a mistake of fact is innocent.


The government cannot cause a normally law-abiding person to commit a crime.

Statute of Limitations

With some exceptions, the government must prosecute misdemeanors within one year of the offense and felonies within three years.

Lack of Knowledge

Many offenses require knowledge that certain contraband exists, i.e. knowledge that an illegal item is present in one’s home, vehicle or on their person. Lack of knowledge is an absolute defense to such crimes.

Lack of Intent

Certain crimes require criminal intent, for example, an intent to steal. The prosecution must prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you.

Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The Prosecution has the burden of proving each and every element of a criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Speedy Trial

The government must prosecute or serve an arrest warrant without unreasonable delay.

Confront Your Accuser

Your accuser must appear in court to face cross-examination of their claims. Failure to do so requires dismissal.


Intoxication can be a defense to crimes which require certain mental states, such as intent or knowledge.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

It is illegal for any punishment to be cruel and unusual.

Mental Impairment

A mental health condition may be a defense to many crimes.


You cannot be guilty of a crime if you were unconscious during an act, such as when sleepwalking or severely injured.


An accused is not guilty of an offense if he/she acted under duress, threat or menace.


An accidental act or misfortune cannot be prosecuted as a crime.


An accused is not guilty of a crime if he/she acted out of necessity.


A criminal offense must have occurred in the jurisdiction in which the offense is charged.

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Know your potential defenses. If you require a criminal law justice lawyer, Ross Green, a former Deputy District Attorney, has effectively served as a criminal defense lawyer in a variety of circumstances, and has a thorough understanding of all criminal defenses that might be appropriate in your situation. If you have been arrested and are facing a possible conviction, you need someone with vast experience in all types of cases to ensure your best chance of acquittal. Don’t take chances on anything but a top criminal defense attorney when you’re standing in criminal court.

As a criminal defense lawyer who has seen it all, Ross Green will guide you through all potential defenses in the most efficient and effective way possible. In all aspects of your case, from arraignment to sentencing to appeals, he will work hard to achieve the best possible results. He will explain the charges against you and the options available. He knows all the defenses in criminal law and will do everything he can to get your case dismissed or the charges reduced.

Ross Green has a complete knowledge base of criminal rights, both juvenile and adult, in the context of defense law. As one of the best trial attorneys in local courts, you can be assured you would have the most thorough legal defense possible.

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If you have been subject to arrest and need a competent criminal defense, don’t rely on an inexperienced lawyer, or one that is too busy to even remember your name. If you’re thinking, “I need a defense attorney near me”, contact the Law Offices of Ross Green today for a free consultation regarding your situation. Construct a successful criminal defense with one of the best criminal law defense lawyers around. Ross Green has effectively structured criminal defenses for those in San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Francisco 94101 and the surrounding areas.

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