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Gun Defense

Ross Green, a former Deputy District Attorney, has aided those in need of a competent gun criminal defense attorney and a gun lawyer well acquainted with weapon-related felonies and has been one the most practiced gun lawyers in San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Jose and the surrounding areas.

Weapon offenses involve the balancing of a citizen’s right to bear arms versus society’s interest in deterring violence. As such, whether a weapon, such as a gun or a knife, was illegally possessed often depends on where and how it was possessed. Additionally, all weapons crimes require the prosecution to prove that a person knowingly possessed the item involved. Examples of illegal weapons vary from guns and knives to ordinary household items with an otherwise lawful use. Weapons offenses can be charged as either felonies or misdemeanors.

Potential Penalties for Gun Offenses

  • Misdemeanor Jail Time (Up to 1 Year)
  • Felony Jail Time (Up to 3 Years)
  • Fine
  • Informal/formal Probation
  • Permanent Criminal Record

Common Gun Defense

  • Failure to Give Miranda Warnings
  • Illegal Search or Seizure
  • Location in which the Weapon is Possessed
  • Lack of Knowledge
  • No Personal Control or Ownership of Weapon
  • Manner in which Weapon is Possessed
  • Lack of Intent to Possess as a Weapon
  • Self-Defense
  • Necessity

Criminal & Gun Defense Attorney for Possession of Illegal Weapons & Firearms Charges

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Selecting a gun defense attorney is often a difficult process. Be sure to discuss with whomever you choose, any and all viable defenses. Should fighting your case at trial not be the best option, talk to your attorney about the possibility of an alternative sentence, such as community service, electronic home monitoring or work furlough. A plea bargain can often be negotiated to reduce fines or allow for an extended payment period.

Contact the Law Offices of Ross Green for a Free Consultation. Ross has over eight years of experience handling the different categories of weapons offenses. All possible defenses will be explored and your rights clearly explained.

The services of a gun attorney are too important to take chances on, especially gun lawyers from megafirms that are too busy to work hard on your case, or a gun lawyer without a comprehensive understanding of the law. Ross Green has proudly aided those in San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Francisco 94101 and the surrounding areas.

Criminal Defense lawyer San Mateo, Ross Green, is here to help with gun defense.

Gun Possession

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