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Drug Trafficking and Sales Criminal Attorney Redwood City

Take advantage of Ross Green’s experience as a professional and experienced drug trafficking or controlled substance lawyer.  For this reason, contact Ross Green for one of the top drug trafficking lawyers in San Mateo County California, Redwood City, Palo Alto, and the surrounding Bay Area for drug charges.

In short, a person is guilty of sales or trafficking of drugs if they either sell a controlled substance or possess the contraband with an intent to sell it at a later time. Along those lines, Drug Sales or Trafficking offenses can only be felonies, except for marijuana cases. As a result, a person guilty of this type of crime is not eligible for a diversionary sentence.

California drug trafficking and sales charges are often listed under California Health and Safety Code Sections 11359, 11360, 11378, 11379, 11351, and 11352.

Potential Penalties for Drug Sales or Trafficking

  • Jail Time (Up to 5 Years)
  • Fine
  • Informal/formal Probation
  • Permanent Criminal Record

Common Defenses for Drug Sales or Trafficking

  • Failure to Give Miranda Warnings
  • Illegal Search or Seizure
  • No Intent to Sell (Personal Use Only)
  • Lack of Knowledge that Contraband is Present
  • No Possession or Control over Contraband
  • Entrapment

Redwood City Criminal Defense Lawyer for Drug Selling and Trafficking Charges

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Ross Green has over a decade of criminal law experience in fighting drug trafficking and sales charges. First, Ross Green is a former prosecutor. As such, Ross has an insider’s knowledge of how the district attorney will handle your case. Therefore, Ross an advantage over other attorneys who do not have similar experiences.  Ultimately, Ross’ experience could help you avoid jail time and expensive fine.

In short, contact the Law Offices of Ross Green for a Free Consultation. Ross has over a decade of experience handling drug sales and trafficking offenses. All possible defenses will be explored and your rights clearly explained.

In other words, take advantage of Ross Green’s successful track record as a drug lawyer who cares, and a drug attorney who will fight for your rights. For years he has been a skilled drug crimes lawyer for San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Francisco 94101 and the surrounding areas.

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