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Avoid Deportation – Vacate Prior Convictions (Recent Success!)

Avoid Deportation – Vacate Prior Convictions (Recent Success!)

For non-citizens certain convictions, such as domestic violence, effectively take all discretion away from an immigration judge and force the judge to order deportation.  This is true regardless of the person’s ties to the United States. The fact that he or she has otherwise lived a productive and lawful life and regardless of the number of children who would be left without a parent. Often, the only solution is to have the conviction vacated (withdrawn) on the grounds that it was unconstitutional entered.


A person was not told that accepting the plea would result in deportation,. The plea can be withdrawn as not having been entered knowingly and intelligently as required by the Constitution.


The Law Offices of Ross Green is very excited to announce a recent victory. This victory will allow a client to stay in the United States with her family and avoid deportation. Twenty years ago, the client accepted a plea bargain to a domestic violence charge. She did not know it would effectively eliminate all relief through the immigration courts. In 2011, immigration officials initiated deportation proceedings despite the fact that client had been in the United States for thirty years and had four children. Initially, the immigration judge indicated he had no other option but to send client back to her home country because of her twenty-year-old domestic violence conviction.
Before deportation occurred, The Law Offices of Ross Green was able to vacate the twenty-year-old conviction. We got the case dismissed. Now that the conviction did not exist anymore, the immigration judge had the discretion to allow client to stay in the United States. Due to her years of being a contributing member of society, the immigration judge allowed Client to remain in the United States and stay with her family.
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