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Of all the red light camera traffic ticket lawyers to choose from, only Ross Green, a former Deputy District Attorney, has served as one of the most professional traffic attorneys available. Contact the Law Offices of Ross Green if you’re searching through traffic lawyers in San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Francisco 94101 and the surrounding areas.

Although a traffic ticket, such as a red light traffic ticket, cannot result in any jail time, a costly fine, suspension or termination of a driver's license and increased insurance premiums often occur.

Like all criminal offenses, the Prosecution needs to prove all traffic tickets beyond a reasonable doubt and you have a right to a trial to prove your innocence. There are many defenses to red light camera and traffic tickets.

Even if one is guilty of a traffic offense, including red light camera offenses, traffic school is often a possibility.

Potential Penalties for Traffic Tickets
• Fine
• License Suspension or Termination
• Increased Insurance Premiums
• Permanent Criminal Record

Potential Defense to Red Light Camera and Traffic Tickets
• Illegal Red Light Camera Contract
• Improperly Calibrated or Maintained Red Light Camera
• Failure to Provide Proper Red Light Camera Notice
• Illegal Documentary Evidence by Red Light Camera Company
• Illegal Traffic Stop
• Inaccurate or Poorly Maintained Radar
• Traffic School
• Inaccurate or Poorly Maintained Speedometer
• Failure to Establish Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
• Speed Trap
• Necessity

Criminal Defense Attorney for Red Light Camera Tickets and Traffic Ticket Violations

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Selecting an attorney is often a difficult process. Be sure to discuss with whomever you choose, any and all viable defenses. Should fighting your case at trial not be the best option, talk to your attorney about the possibility of alternatives such as traffic School.

Contact the Law Offices of Ross Green for a Free Consultation. Ross has over eight years of experience handling traffic matters. All possible defenses will be explored and your rights clearly explained.

It's hard to find an experienced traffic lawyers or traffic attorneys in large firms who cares about your case. Ross Green is one of the most qualified traffic ticket lawyers in San Mateo County California (CA), Redwood City 94063, San Francisco 94101 and the surrounding areas.

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