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For a free consultation, contact Ross Green with over a decade of criminal law experience. Formerly a prosecutor, Ross has an insider’s knowledge of how the district attorney will handle your case. As a result, Ross an advantage over other Redwood City criminal defense attorneys and Redwood City DUI attorneys who do not have similar experiences.  Ultimately, Ross’ experience as a criminal defense attorney may help you avoid jail time and expensive fines.

With this in mind, a conversation with The Law Offices of Ross Green will assist in considering all your options. As such, call today to get a Free Consultation.

With an extensive understanding of a variety of criminal cases. Ross’ experience varies from felony cases involving the potential of life in prison to traffic matters. Given his more than a decade of experience, The Law Offices of Ross Green handles cases involving driving under the influence cases (DUI), Three Strikes matters, theft, burglary, domestic violence, drug charges,  and violence.

If you are seeking Aggressive Criminal Justice attorney from a Former Prosecutor, contact The Law Offices of Ross Green.  The Law Offices of Ross Green can be reached at 650-780-0707. Similarly, you can reach Ross Green at The firm is located at 600 Allerton Suite, Suite 202G, Redwood City, CA 94063.

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