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Suppression of Evidence – Traffic Stop

We all respect law enforcement’s efforts to keep us safe but not at the expense of our Constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment affords all of us protection from illegal searches and seizures. The Law Offices of Ross Green vigorously works to defend the Constitutional rights of those accused of a crime, including those in a traffic stop.

In a recent case, a traffic stop was effectuated on Client’s vehicle for an alleged violation of the vehicle code. Upon cross-examination, it became clear that the police officer did not have a clear understanding of the law and illegally pulled Client over. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience to many, in reality, it is one of thousands of small tears at the Constitution that occurs on a daily basis. Law enforcement serves an admirable position in our society and should be thanked for their efforts. Nonetheless, the police must know the law before they can be said to be the protectors of it. The mistake by the officer, resulted in Client’s case being dismissed for a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights; but it also, worked to strengthen the protections afforded to all of us under the Bill of Rights.

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