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SB1303-Reshaping the Prosecution of Red Light Traffic Tickets

The Law Offices of Ross Green has a long history of successfully defendant drivers accused of Red Light Traffic offenses. On January 1, 2013, a new law will go into effect which may drastically affect a driver’s constitutional rights at trial. Up until the passage of this law, it was widely accepted that the information provided by the red light camera companies was hearsay and had to be excluded. Starting the first of the year, this evidence is no longer hearsay and therefore admissible; in effect, drastically weakening a driver’s sixth amendment right to confront his or her accuser and evidence against him. This will reshape the way courts view the evidence and the way defense attorney’s approach each case. While many defenses still exist, the legislature has appeared to tear away at one of the strongest protections.

Suppression of Evidence - Traffic Stop
DNA and Genetic Evidence - Science Protecting the ...

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