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Early Termination of Probation

Under Penal Code Section 1203.3, a judge has the discretion to order the early termination of probation. The statute states, “The court may at any time when the ends of justice will be served thereby, and when the good conduct and reform of the person so held on probation shall warrant it, terminate the period of probation, and discharge the person so held.” Early termination of probation will end any of the restrictive terms of probation, such as, no contact orders, or prohibitions against driving or lawfully consuming alcohol.

Before a court will even consider terminating probation, a probationer must complete any jail sentence, community service work and pay all fines, fees and restitution. Additional proof of rehabilitation, such as anger management, Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, drug rehabilitation classes, or anti-theft classes, will increase the odds a court will grant a request to terminate probation early. The court will also look for a strong reason why early termination is proper, such as, the ability to obtain employment, join the military or advance in one’s career.

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