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DUI Mobile Applications

In the last several months, several new criminal law Apps have come to market. Previously, most applications have been geared towards attorneys, e.g. copies of the Penal Code or methods of calculating a client’s maximum sentence. Recently though, several providers have produced mobile applications for the average citizen.

The first really interesting one is DUI Checkpoint Finder. This application allows you to locate DUI checkpoints within 50 miles of your current location. If you happen to see or hear about a checkpoint, you can add it to the map. The application also has a BAC Meter, as well as, a section which runs you through a field sobriety test. Probably most useful, is a section which lists DUI Facts and Myths. Of course, no one needs to be reminded how dangerous it is to drive while impaired. Nor does anyone need to be told that a phone can only be so useful in determining sobriety. Nonetheless, this application can be useful for lawful drivers in avoiding checkpoints during the holidays. It can also be a good starting point in determining when a driver has consumed too much alcohol to safely operate a vehicle.

The next interesting application is Off To Jail. This mobile App automatically sends a text message to your bail bondsman, attorney and any family or friend you select and alerts them about your arrest and your whereabouts. The idea came from an arrest where the police officer would not allow the citizen to contact their attorney or family. Obviously, this would be a horrible situation for anyone. As bail is a Constitutional Right, the App can be useful in ascertaining one’s Rights when law enforcement is resistant.

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