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Alternative Sentencing Options in San Mateo County (Avoid Jail)

Alternative Sentencing California

Sentencing prisoners to incarceration is often not beneficial to the individual or the community.  This is most often true for offenders with mental health or chemical dependency issues.  San Mateo County has great programs available for individuals who fit into both of these categories. The PATHWAYS PROGRAM is designed to serve people with an Axis I diagnosis that seriously impairs functioning. The goal of the Pathways Program is to avoid incarceration for seriously mentally ill individuals and help them to live more successfully in the community.

Bridges Program

Another such alternative in San Mateo County is the Bridges Program. BRIDGES is an intensive, outpatient day treatment program focused on drug offenders to help them end the cycle of drug abuse and crime. Spearheaded by the Superior Court of San Mateo County, this county-wide collaborative program was created to make a difference in the lives of 60 addicted offenders who had given up hope of change. The impact in the program can be found in its results:

  • Drug free: 99% clean drug screens
  • Employment: 100% working by graduation
  • Education: 6 of 8 eligible get to GED
  • Housing: 100% stable housing and all outstanding court matters are cleared

A third outstanding alternative to incarceration for drug offenders is DRUG COURT. This program offers individuals facing criminal charges for drug use and possession an opportunity to enter into a substance abuse recovery program in lieu of straight jail time. The requirements of drug court are quite strict. The defendants are frequently drug tested and must attend substance abuse recovery meetings and make court appearances regularly. Defendants must also abide by all other rules and laws. If the participant successfully completes the conditions set by the drug court judge, they “graduate” from Drug Court, and the original charge may be dismissed, reduced (or set aside), a lesser penalty imposed, or a combination of these.

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