New - Pretrial Diversion - Opportunity to Avoid a Criminal Record

New California Pretrial Diversion Law Offers Opportunity to Avoid a Criminal Record

California Law has recently codified pretrial diversion for low end drug possession offenses. (Penal Code Section 1000.) Until recently, persons arrested for having as little as .01 grams of a controlled substance had two options, a trial or entering a plea. The later would leave the indelible mark of a criminal record. For those individuals striving to become a United States Citizen, any type of plea could result in denial of naturalization.

Now, persons finding themselves charged with petty drug offenses have the opportunity to pretrial diversion. This program requires participants to undergo drug education, drug testing and a period of probation. The charges can be dropped once the probationary period is over (assuming no further violations occurred and the education and testing was successfully completed).

If you or someone you know has suffered an arrest for a drug possession charge, contact The Law Offices of Ross Green for a free consultation on whether you qualify for Pretrial Diversion. Certain restrictions do apply, and The Law Offices of Ross Green can help you determine whether you qualify.

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